Real Estate Niche Keyword Domain Names Are Very Important to Your Business

Are you starting a website for the Real Estate or Realty niche? Are you starting a website for your Real Estate or Realty business? Either way, you need a keyword rich real estate domain name if you want to get rankings in search engines. Having a keyword rich real estate domain name will also help you market your business easier. People are more likely to remember your domain name if it’s something like instead of You need a domain name without numbers and without dashes, people won’t remember them. Your real estate domain name has to be something they will remember. It also looks more professional if you have a real estate domain name.

Having keywords in your domain name is also important for your search engine rankings. Search Engine Optimization companies agree that the domain name is one of the most important parts of your website. You also have an increased chance of getting type in traffic. Type in traffic is when someone just types in keywords into their browser address bar and see what happens. Some of the newer address bars will take the surfer to a website that has the keywords they typed in. Having the words Real Estate or Realty in your domain name will greatly increase your chance of the browser taking the surfer to your site.

If you plan on advertising your real estate niche website or business in Google AdWords, having a keyword rich domain name will help you there also. It shows Google that your website is about Real Estate. Part of the “equation” that Google uses when trying to figure how much to charge you per click, and where to rank your ad, is your Google AdWords Quality Score. The higher your Quality Score, the more Google thinks your site will help the searchers, so the less they will charge you. Although Google keeps a very tight lip on how they figure out the Quality Score, having the words Real Estate or Realty in your domain name should help.

Source by Dennis Graves

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